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Interior decor

We'll work hard to help you create the perfect space for your party or event. You may have lots of ideas to try - or maybe you're open to suggestions. Whether you'd prefer traditional banquet chairs and tables, or something more adventurous, we'll do our best to help. We'll do all the leg work - find the right suppliers and come back to you with options and prices, and we can deal with any transport and set up.

Hector's Haus Furniture

At Hector's Haus we're particularly interested in making things a little funky, retro and extra wonderful. So if you're getting bored of the same old same old, then you might be interested in a few of our favourite things...

We have some lovely Panton chairs and Indian rosewood tables. They look absolutely fantastic in the domes.

Photograph of some of our chairs and tables in a couple of 3x3 marquees

Read more on these 1960's iconic designer chairs and their creator Verner Panton on the Design Museum's site at: http://www.designmuseum.org/design/verner-panton

We also have some vintage/retro sofas, coffee tables, lamps, drapes, curtains and cushions. Perfect for creating a sumptuous chill out space.




Get the lighting right and the effect can be breathtaking. We can advise on how to get the effect you are looking for.
We can supply the following from our own stock.

Candles Perfect on tables, low light and lurve
Tea Light Lanterns Again best on tables, but a bit more wind proof if the doors are open
Fairy lights Draped around the arches they make everything look special
Standard Lamps Feel very cosy, home from home
Par 36 spots mounted on the marquee frame for selective lighting
Par 16 'birdies' mini spot lamps Mounted on the marquee frame, very subtle
Par 64 bright lamps for larger events/shows Much brighter, good for shows, illuminating stands etc.
Mirror ball and spotlights Timeless cheese but we love it
Effects projectors Projects groovy patterns - turns a chill out area into another world
Star Cloth The night sky on the ceiling
Disco Scanners Get down
Oil Wheel Projectors Psychedelic blob lamp effect for your retro party
Data Projector + Laptop VJ-ing, presentations

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