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Our lovely marquees are the best in London because...

  • they can be used almost anywhere and any surface - roofgarden, terrace, piazza, garden or field
  • they're free-standing - with no guy ropes, anchors or centre posts
  • they have beautifully finished real wooden flooring
  • they're highly stable and perform well in strong winds
  • you can join them together to create the layout you need
  • they can be sealed or as open as the weather dictates - no need to feel cold, or stuffy
  • for each archway you can choose a window, white wall, zip door or leave open completely
  • they are quick to erect, and require no large machinery
  • they exceed all safety regulations
  • and most importantly - they're beautiful and different

 Photograph: a cosy little garden marquee

Our lovely new domes feel wonderfully organic. With their wooden floors, natural curves and stylish interior they’re comfortable and airy. Windows and doors all around give a warm and cosy space - or open up many as you want to fill your party with fresh air and sunshine.

A modern design classic already – the geometry of the aluminium frame makes them much stronger and lighter than their dinosaur predecessors… They are freestanding, self supporting, require no heavy machinery to erect and take a fraction of the time, which adds up to a very economical choice for your event no matter where - field, garden, terrace or rooftop.

Our domes range in size from 3 metres to 9 metres square, and are designed to interconnect seamlessly any way you want.


Whether creating a funky outside space for your roof terrace gathering, or a large event for hundreds of party people, your guests will love your marquee.

This flexible design has proven spectacularly successful in use as festival venues, bars, VIP lounges, trade fairs, fetes, weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs…


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