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What size Marquee?

Here's a rough guide to our different marquees. Connect them together to create dining rooms, bars, a dance floor, chill out lounge, whatever. The seating plans shown below are based on 8 people sitting round 5ft tables, giving a minimum capacity with plenty of space between tables. Using 5ft 6" round tables with 10 around each gives the higher capacity.

Arranging the seating is an opportunity to be creative - rectangular tables arranged in rows is a nice way to seat lots of people very cosily, and can also span more than one marquee nicely.

The '3 by 3'

Size: 3 Metres x 3 Metres
Seated: 8 - 10
Standing: 10 - 15
Illustration: seating plan for 8 people
Illustration: A 3 by 3 marquee and guests

Perfect for smaller garden parties, alone or with a few connected together.
Useful in conjunction with larger marquees as entrances, linking corridors, bars, chillout lounge, meeting room, tunnel


The '6 by 6'

Size: 6 Metres x 6 Metres
Seated: 32 - 40
Standing: 40 - 60
Illustration: seating plan for 32 people
Illustration: A 6 by 6 marquee and guests

Perfect for larger gardens, and fantastic in multi-tent setups as dance floors,
reception area, kids play area, lounge or ancillary dining areas, hospitality lounge


The '9 by 9'

Size: 9 Metres x 9 Metres
Seated: 72 - 90
Standing: 90 - 135
 plan for 72 people
Illustration: A 9 by 9 marquee and guests

The Big One, for large events over 100 people. At 4.5 Metres tall it's like a cathedral.
The perfect large dining hall, live venue or club with stage/dance floor, cafe, show room, exhibition or market place.


Any number of these modular marquees can be joined to build high capacity marquee set-ups for any size event.


Illustration: A multi tent layout

A 5 tent layout with plenty of room for over 100 guests to eat, dance and relax

Other Marquee bits...