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Marquee heating

large marquee heaterLarge events can be kept cosy and warm even in the depths of winter with the help of our big marquee heater. Hector's Heater runs on heating oil, and is set up outside the marquee at a safe distance and blows warm, dry air into the marquee via two seperate ducts. You can choose the temperature you want by adjusting the knob on the wireless thermostat, which can be mounted anywhere in the marquee (or even carried around in your pocket!).

Once set up, it looks after itself.

Here's the full spec:

Manufacturer: Andrews Sykes
Type: Indirect, oil-fired
Power: 55KW

For smaller layouts (with 3x3s only) we can supply small electric fan heaters as an economical solution.
And for a small children's party we can supply a 2KW oil-filled electric radiator, which is safer for little fingers.

Other Marquee bits...

As well as supplying some furniture, lighting and heating from our own stock, we can help you source all the usual party accessories:

Chairs Heaters & Refrigerators Curtains
Tables Gas fills Carpets/Mats
Catering Equipment Glasses Stage/Disco lights
Catering Gas Tableware Sound Equipment
Cooking Utensils Tablecloths Linen  
Crockery Cutlery  

We'll help you find what you want, deliver and set it up. And deal with the breakdown/clear up..

Call and let us know what you've got in mind, we'll talk to a range of suppliers and get back to you.


All our marquees can be supplied with beautifully finished real wooden flooring, really setting them apart from anything else on the market.

Photograph: Some flooring optionsBut you may choose to have any flooring you wish

  • Real Wood
  • Jute Matting
  • Carpet
  • or nothing at all...

- feel free to make the most of your existing patio stones by using a marquee without floor, which will often lower the cost and set up time. The marquees can be erected using pegs on grass, or using weighted feet on any hard surface.

Hector's Haus can also supply interlocking plastic matting either for creating weatherproof paths across the lawn, or as an economical flooring option for catering/service tents within a larger marquee setup.

Sound Equipment

We can provide a range of sound systems from discreet PAs for amplifying speeches and presentations, to full on systems for bands and DJs.

Here's some example setups we can provide from our own stock:

Small PA for speech or acoustic perfomers:
Microphones Shure SM58 plus stands
Microphone AKG C747 miniature shotgun mic
Mixer Amp StudioMaster 400DSP 2 x 200W digital FX
Speakers EV SX30 plus stands
Feedback Destroyer Shark

Medium PA for bands or DJ
Microphones Shure SM58 plus stands
Mixing Desk - Mackie CFX12 digital FX
Amplifier QSC RMX 1850HD 2 x 900W
Speakers EV SX200 plus Stands
Sub Bass Units FBT EN5 with passive X-over
Monitors EV SX30 speakers plus
Monitor Amp Quad 512F

Larger PA for bigger sounds...
Microphones Shure SM58 plus stands
Mixing Desk - Mackie CFX12 digital FX
   QSC RMX 1850HD 2 x 900W
   2 X Gemini XG2000 400X Bridged
   EV SX200 Speakers
   FBT ENERGY5 Sub Bass Units with passive X-over
   OHM 18" Sub Bass Speakers
Beringer 3 way Crossover
Monitors EV SX30 speakers plus StudioMaster 400DSP amp

Live Music and Entertainment

We'd be delighted to recommend some great bands and DJs that we've worked with.
All of the following have impressed us with their skill and professionalism. You can expect a great show!

Photograph: The Chris Barton Band


The Chris Barton Band


A great band that seem to have an endless repertoire, and know exactly how to build the crowd up. They've literally got something for everybody. See their website for a list of songs.

  Photograph: The Oliver Twist Band


The Oliver Twist Band

Visit website
Another great function band that can do it all. Available as anything from a 5 piece to a 9 piece with horns and multiple vocalists.